Thea now offers cooking classes. Please contact her at to inquire.

Thea recently relocated from Park City, Utah to Los Angeles, California. She is not your typical organic chef. With a family and rich international culinary background she created a cuisine that gives you a multi-sensory experience leaving you replenished, satisfied and “soul-full”. Simply said, you feel good even after a 5 course meal.

Thea’s background in nursing, biology, naturopathic nutrition and life coaching is reflected in her culinary style, which places emphasis on wellness. She expertly brings together tastes, theories and methods of cooking in ways that are unexpected, unconventional and simply imaginative. You can taste her passion and love for food.

She now also offers cooking classes and Inter-active Dinner Parties. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and will leave you feeling inspired.

“Her menus make me feel energized and rejuvenated… not how I normally feel after I dine out”
Marco V., Chartwells Dining Services

“Extensive knowledge and experience with ethnic and regional cuisines… a unique and distinctive flare.”
Marco V., Chartwells Dining Services

“It is an art to make people feel this good.”
Franck Peissel, Executive Chef of Franck’s Restaurant

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