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Variety  With a rich, eclectic background, extensive culinary experience, and a focus on wellness cuisine, Thea is poised to help you plan every detail of your dining event. A variety of menu ideas are offered, including seasonal menus and those from around the world. Fully customized menus including vegan, vegetarian, allergy-free and gluten-free are also available. Thea also specializes in weekly meal preparation.

Quality  Quality cooking begins with choosing good ingredients that are organic, fresh and local, whenever possible. With her wellness background, Thea takes the concept of food quality to new heights, serving up the ideal portion sizes and the right combination of ingredients to leave you feeling full and satisfied with senses elevated.

Experience  Thea was trained in Naturopathic Nutrition in London and Ayurvedic Nutrition in Sri Lanka. She has taken culinary classes and gained gastronomic experiences living in Italy, Switzerland, Greece, India, Thailand and Morocco among other places. Professionally, she has cooked everywhere from a high end hotel in Thailand to working with Chef Frank Peissel, voted Best Chef in Utah. Read more about Thea.

Passion  Some of Thea’s earliest memories stretch back to Germany and a family of chefs, caterers, patisseries and vintners. Thea loves everything about food: textures, smells, colors and the never-ending ways in which it can be prepared. Her diverse background has influenced the creation of meals without limitations of which foods, spices and oils can be combined. Her passion comes through in every detail of the dining experience.

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